jueves, 6 de junio de 2013

Is it wonderful?

A dormir... 

I never lie
To myself
Rose, tinted eyes
Colour my sorrow
A shade of wine
Bye bye black balloon
See you real soon
Wave bye bye
Oh why you so sad
What have they done?
Forget those mindless baboons
They’re off playing god
Copy cats in cheap suits
All playing it safe
While cannibals of bad news
Consume a parade
Is it wonderful?
Far, far from shore
Land of nightmares
Gone forever more
I love you more
Than I can control
I don’t even try
Why would I?
Oh why the long face
You’ve got it all wrong
Forget the rat in the race,
We’ll choke chain them all
Fates favour the ones
Who help themselves
The rest feel the sting of the lash
As they row…
The boat to Hell.

iTunes: Durante el día anduve con esta (todo pasando)
Stevie: Arrested Development S01
*estamos junio. JUNIO. That's all*

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